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As my 7 yr old says, we love DeeeWalt tools...


Dewalt DW715

This DeWalt is a 12" single bevel miter saw, and I LOVE IT!  Sure, the double bevel sliding saw is dreamy, but this one rocks, too.  It cuts perfectly square and with the 100 tooth Diablo blade, I barely need to sand.

Dewalt DC608k

Another DeWalt that I love!  Cordless but no compressor.  Just a big old battery that also happens to fit my DeWalt drill.  This weighs a little over 7 pounds which might get old if I were installing crown moulding, but I don't!  It has so much power.  The 608 shoots 5/8" to 2" brads, has variable countersink depths, and can shoot rapid fire or sequential.  It comes with a 1 hour charger which is a beautiful thing.  I got mine as a factory reconditioned unit for only $200 at Toolking.

DeWalt DW929

A really powerful cordless drill that just keeps on working.  It was a gift from my brother about 8 or 9 years ago, and it is still perfect.

Kreg Jig

But of course!  I have the Master System and also added the right angle clamp.  I couldn't build anything without this.

Makita 1/4 Sheet Finishing Sander

This is the first tool I ever bought.  It was about 18 yrs ago, and I thought I could sand drywall wall with it.  It still works great, and I love it! 

Skil 4290 Jigsaw

This was $29, but before Christmas, Lowes had them for $20.  I don't use it a lot, so I don't need a fancy one and this does a great job!  UPDATE:  This is a great value, and I still love it, but I am starting to use the jigsaw all the time.  One of these Mother's Days or birthdays, I think I will ask for an upgrade.  :)

DeWalt Multi-Tool

DeWalt DW611 Router and Fixed Stand

DeWalt Orbital Sander

DeWalt  7 1/4 Circular Saw

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