Monday, January 28, 2013

Finished Master Bedroom Dresser

Here is my new dresser!

The most special part of it isn't that I made it; instead, it is something you can't see.

My son, husband and I each wrote messages on the piece that would be the inside back of the dresser.  My son wrote his name and the date in his little 6 yr old scrawl along with a funny message.  My husband wrote about a funny book that they love to read.  I wrote a silly thing what little guy and I always say to each other which is 'I love you more than my Jimmy Choo shoes.'  Can't tell you why it started one day, but he knew it got a laugh by the time he was 3 yrs old, and said it often lol!!

We will always know that there are special messages to each other hidden in the dresser.  Yet another reason to build your own stuff!

Next post -  hopefully, the finished bed.

 *This post was written before I changed the name of my blog.*

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