Monday, January 7, 2013

So many unfinished projects...

I cannot believe that I am going to actually show people my unfinished, undecorated house, but you first have to admit you have a problem, right?

When I was working at a company owned mostly by investors from Louisiana, they had a guy who had the funniest expressions.  Whenever there was something unpleasant to face up to, he would say, "Let's get that dead cat out on the table."  Never knew what killed the cat.  Or why it was still around and not properly buried.  Or what good it would do to have it ON the table, but the saying always makes me laugh.  Right now, I can hear his voice in my head as I prepare to face the unpleasantness that is my house and my slothy (is that a word? it should be!) ways.

So here they are...

Silver surfer in my son's playroom - doesn't have a hand and hasn't for over 2 years.  I painted 12 versions of that hand in our old house, and just haven't had the stomach for spending time on it here.   (His buddy, Iron Man, has hands but they are just red blobs.  20 minutes to give him fingers - I think he's earned them, don't you?!)  Also, the metallic paint on the surf board shows up really poorly with the flash - it actually looks normal in person.

8 foot Captain Rex and two clone troopers in my son's bedroom.  I spent days and days  trying to figure out the drawing from a very dark poster and got this far.  Then I saw an outline drawing in a coloring book someone gave us which would have saved me a good 20 hours, became very frustrated, and these joined Silver Surfer in never never land.  4 hours I think to finish the outlining,  gun detail and general clean up.

That sad little tree adds quite a statement, doesn't it??

R2D2 - seriously it would take 30 minutes to finish this guy.  It's been 6 months...

(Accidentally captured yet another unfinished project - the towel bars for his bathroom.  They're about to celebrate their 2nd anniversary sitting in that same corner.)

Started making slipcovers for my kitchen chairs, but after 4 of them, I decided I didn't like the fabric - too  wrinkly.  It has now been a year. We had our festive Christmas meal with the table looking exactly like that even though I bookmarked 50 beautiful holiday table ideas.  None of them were going to make this look nice LOL!

There are probably a dozen more, but I am making myself a little crazy just thinking of how far in the weeds I am.

Thankfully, I have discovered the amazing Ana White and a slew of other incredible bloggers, crafters, woodworkers and artists, and am ready to start completing each room starting with our bedroom.

I would love to hear if any of you all have had similar experiences!  Good luck to me!

*This post was written before I changed the name of my blog.*

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