Thursday, February 21, 2013

Time for a new bed, bedding, window treatments...

When we first picked out our home, I had great ideas for the master bedroom.  I loved how our old one was decorated, but I wanted something a little more modern this time.  We picked out a great celery green color which the builder painted, and I found steel grey bedding and cool round stool/ottoman from my beloved TJs.    I thought the room would come together beautifully (and quickly.)  This is how Macy's envisioned the bedding - gorgeous!

 And here it is in our room...

Now, I know you're thinking, "Dang, girl!  You need to audition for Design Star!"  To which I would say:  magic like this is tough to recreate.  Mainly because it is so painful to look at. 

PAINT:  As soon as the paint when up and I saw it during full sun, all I could hear in my head was, "you could even say it glowed."  Yep, I should know to never pick out a paint color without seeing it in a room at different times of the day because the light makes such a big difference.  It also made the tile in the shower look kind of pink.  (Big thanks to Annette for consoling me!)

BLINDS:  $50 blinds  shouldn't break during the first year of use, but I think it was the Design Gods stepping in to let me know that a red next to glowing green only looks good on the red-eyed tree frog I saw on Wild Kratts.

BEDDING:  What can I say.  I bought a duvet even though I know I hate how the comforter moves all around even if you try to staple the corners of the comforter to said duvet.  And bed skirts.  Bed skirts hate me.  This one is slick, so it really moves around.  In a couple of days, it had moved leaving a huge pile on the floor and no coverage on the other.  Plus, we have a really high "pillow top" mattress which is Latin for "no sheet will ever fit" so the combo of a half-naked pillow top mattress and shlumpy bed skirt is really unfortunate.

Side note:  We did have one year when our rescue dog, Xena the Warrior Princess, spent most every day hiding under a bed - the heavily fortified cotton bed skirt made her feel safe.  This bed skirt is good for only one thing - making Cleetus feel he is invisible.  There is going to be hell to pay when I get rid of it.

This will all be remedied in an upcoming post!

 *This post was written before I changed the name of my blog.*

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